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Members & their expertise

  • Christine Steger (Chairwoman)

    Christine Steger (Chairwoman)

    Human rights, inclusion and full accessibility (Art. 9 CRPD), women with disabilities (Art. 6 CRPD), de-institutionalisation (Art. 19 CRPD), studying with disabilities or chronic illnesses (Art. 24 CRPD)

  • Bernadette Feuerstein

    Bernadette Feuerstein

    Self-determined living (Art. 19 CRPD), (living with) personal assistance (Art. 19 CRPD), barrier-free construction (Art. 9 CRPD), culture for all (Art. 30 CRPD), barrier-free public transport (Art. 9 CRPD), tourism and travel (Art. 30 CRPD), "disability policy" (Art. 29 CRPD)

  • Julia Moser

    Julia Moser

    Inclusion and accessibility in humanitarian aid (. Art. 11 and Art. 32 CRPD); inclusive work (Art. 27 CRPD) and economic self-determination; expert on her own behalf

  • Erich Schmid

    Erich Schmid

    Braille systems (Art. 21 CRPD), accessibility standards (Art. 9 CRPD), technical aids (Art. 9 CRPD), education (Art. 24 CRPD), arts and culture by and for people with disabilities (Art. 30 CRPD)

  • Daniela Rammel

    Daniela Rammel

    Women with disabilities (Art. 6 CRPD), expert on her own behalf, organization of training (Art. 24 CRPD), public relations (Art. 8 CRPD), concerts and culture (Art. 30 CRPD)

  • Gunther Trübswasser

    Gunther Trübswasser

    Equal rights and non-discrimination (Art. 5 CRPD), awareness-raising (Art. 8 CRPD), accessibility (Art. 9 CRPD), participation in political and public life (Art. 29 CRPD), art and culture (Art. 30 CRPD), refugees with disabilities, responsibility of the federal states on the implementation of the CRPD

  • Christina Wurzinger

    Christina Wurzinger

    International human rights system, European affairs, children's rights (Art. 7 CRPD)

Former members:
  • Magdalena Kern
  • Erich Girlek ✝
  • Volker Frey
  • Martin Ladstätter
  • Marianne Schulze

Alternate Members

  • Tobias Buchner

    Tobias Buchner

    Inclusive education (Art. 24 CRPD), de-institutionalization

  • Petra Derler

    Petra Derler

    Psychosocial Disabilities

  • Theresa Hammer

    Theresa Hammer

    anti-discrimination and equality law

  • Johanna Mang

    Johanna Mang

    Inclusion in humanitarian aid (in particular Art. 11 and Art. 32 CRPD); the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its relevance for people with disabilities; environment, climate protection and mobility; Civil Society Commitment

  • Silvia Oechsner

    Silvia Oechsner

    Legal expertise, especially in the areas of: CRPD, "disability law", social law, labor law, hospital and social security law