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The State Report

In ratifying the UN CRPD in 2008, Austria made a commitment under Articles 35 and 36 of the Convention to report no later than every four years to the CRPD Committee. This report should outline the measures undertaken by the State Party in fulfillment of its obligations under the Convention and outline what progress has been achieved.

Shadow Reports

Reports by civil society and national focal points are accepted by the CRPD to supplement the State Party’s report. These reports are also called shadow reports.

The List of Issues Prior to Reporting under the simplified reporting procedure

Since 2014 the CRPD Committee offers State Parties the option to fulfill their obligation to report under a simplified review process. Under this simplified procedure the CRPD Committee compiles a list of questions, which are shared with the State Party to address. The responses are considered as state reports. Based on the state report the CRPD Committee can request further information from the State Party.

The Concluding Observations

The CRPD Committee issues so-called concluding observations following the review meeting, in which it makes recommendations regarding the implementation of the UN CRPD. Those concluding observations set an important benchmark regarding the assessment of progress in implementing the Convention.

The current shadow report authored by the Monitoring Committee together with the States’ monitoring bodies, can be accessed here.


The civil society’s shadow report:

Shadow report regarding the first state report:

Shadow report 2019:

Concluding Observations 2013

Guidelines and guiding questions for the simplified procedure (Deutsch: DIFMR)


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